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Me By clicking accept you are authorizing:

1. In this act, the Licensor above authorizes Mzad Eventos e Locações de Equipamentos Ltda, headquartered at Avenida Estados Unidos, 258, Edf. Cidade de Aracaju, sala 809, Comercio, CEP: 40010-020 - Salvador - BA, registered with the CNPJ under nº 08.415.086/0001-25 (hereinafter Licensed), to capture, fix, store, use, reproduce, transmit and dispose of its image, voice, artistic interpretation, performances, and distinctive signs of personality (hereinafter "Image"), for the purposes of production, exhibition and distribution on the company's websites and social networks, namely, Mzad Eventos e Locação de Equipamentos Ltda ; on the sites and social networks of Assum Preto Magazine and on the sites and social networks of the photographer Kithi, as well as partners authorized by the Licensee.

2. The publication and distribution of the content containing the Image may be carried out directly by the Licensee and/or by third parties authorized by it, through any and all forms and processes of communication and distribution to the public, existing or that may exist, in the territory national and foreign, without limitation of term and/or number of exhibitions, regardless of the fixation support and the means to be used to convey it, existing or to be created. The licensing  now carried out, includes websites, social networks, posters, publicity, advertisements, open signal television (“Free TV”), IPTV, home transmission (including satellite, cable or wireless , by airways); all forms of Home Video ("Home Video"), in the formats of Video-Cassette, "Digital Video Disc" (DVD), "Blue-Ray Disc", "Video Disc", Interactive Video, "CD-ROM" and any other video format; “Electronic Sell Through” and “Direct Marketing”) in Video Cassette, “Digital Video Disc” (DVD), “Blue-Ray Disc”, “Video Disc”, Interactive Video, “CD-ROM” and any other formats Video format; “Public Video” in any format, support and transmission medium; “Video On Demand” in any format, media and transmission medium (VOD; SVOD; FVOD; NVOD), Internet transmission – Electronic Sell Through and other digital (numerical) interactive and computer-assisted media, multimedia and “on-demand” media. line” (by cable or without), wireless means to a receiver or display device, transmission/exhibition of the Documentary, in its entirety, on cell phones, Ipods and the like, use of parts of the Documentary for exploitation through products for cell phones and similar as well as permission to use photos (still images) 


3. The Licensor hereby declares that he is aware that all rights over the event will be owned by the Licensees, who may, alone or together with third parties, use the images as well as any and all raw material, including Image and Work for the maximum period provided for in Law 9.610/98 (Copyright Law), with no limit on territory or number of exhibitions, as well as for the production of by-products and/or works derived from the event, as well as any other works that may unfold, such as a book of photographs, an advertisement, a documentary, without the need for any kind of prior authorization from the Licensor and/or the Licensor being owed remuneration of any kind.


4. It is now certain and adjusted that the authorization object of this present will be made free of charge, without any form of payment being due to the Licensor by the Licensee, by and/or by any third party co-producers, sponsors and/ or exhibitors of the images, for any reason or reason for an indefinite period.


5. The Licensors declare that they are the sole and exclusive holder of the rights to use and exploit their image (photo or video), voice sound and copyright and related rights arising from their artistic musical interpretations, for which, from now on, the Licensee is exempt , and/or any third party co-producers, sponsors and/or exhibitors of the Event of any claims by third parties, in the judicial and/or extrajudicial scope, arising from possible violations  of copyright and/or related rights due to of the use of the Image within the limits established in this instrument, and the Licensor undertakes   to resolve, directly and at its own expense, such pendencies, whether of a pecuniary order or an obligation to do so, adopting, for this purpose, all measures to solve the problem.


6. Finally, in this act, the Licensor gives the Licensee full discharge for nothing else to claim, in the present or in the future, in court or out of court for whatever reason, with regard to this authorization and in accordance with the purposes set forth in this instrument.

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