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The culture of people of African descent is at the center of the narrative of the series “Kiss on the Flower”. The Beija-Flor de Nilópolis and the invitation to the 2020 carnival made by Mazzim Mazamba, composer of the school's samba plot, is the starting point for the meeting between Bahian journalist Kithi and Oba Adê do Oyotunji, an African village located in the United States United. The series narrates the sacred connections that unite Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and South Carolina around the same subject: the black people. Starting from the Beija-Flor block to the streets of Rio, the series mixes unusual encounters, conversations, interviews, history and a lot of samba.

Episode translated / English

Details of série

The original title is in English.


Direction, script, editing and translation: Kithi

Music: Mazzim Mazamba and samba plot by the Beija-Flor de Nilópolis Samba School 2020


Images: Kithi and Oba Ade

Year of production: 2020/2021 - two more episodes will be released

Episode translated / English

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