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AASSUM PRETO MAGAZINE  was born as a social contribution of the company Mzad Eventosat 2014 and its concept is "beauty re-seen. The main objective is to in-form through the telling of people's stories. Stories that activate the memory of enchantment, that value doing and that honor the horizontality of knowledge. Popular knowledge walks along with scientific/intellectual knowledge. Thus, we have 4 distinct products: the webseries that narrate traditions and lifestyles, the reports that are mostly multimedia with links to different productions and the consequent amplification of knowledge; Instagram posts, light and propagator of events; and the blog.

You know what it is

Assum Preto?


Assum Preto is a song composed by Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Texeira, is a bird and is a brand new digital magazine ! We're just getting started!


The song unites poetry, which describes aspects of the Northeastern daily life, with melodies and tones from the sertão.

Escute o canto do Assum Preto -
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The bird is a melodious singing bird, good to hear, present in almost all Brazilian regions.

And the digital magazine Assum Preto is a mix of the two and a little more!

Like Luiz Gonzaga, Assum Preto tells stories of the people and our own lives, with melodies in the form of texts, images and music. We talk about ways of life, memory, culture, everyday life, art, education, tourism, "tasty" places to know ...

Like the bird, Assum Preto flies through several stops, inside and outside Brazil. We love to discover, see and live the divine and human creations and then tell you!

And the little bit more is the diversity of knowledge. We understand and love the taste and popular understanding of life so much, as we find beauty and support in scientific research on the topics we present.


There is! Like the bird, Assum changes its name according to the format used, Graúna Films is our flight in videos.

Actually, Assum Preto and Graúna Films really like everything that is beautiful!


But what is beautiful?

For us, beauty is in the form of connection that we create with all aspects present in the relationship between oneself and the other, in all fields of creation.


Be Divine - everything we don't create - like "people", animals, vegetables, minerals ... Be material - everything we create and can take and / or see - like objects. And immaterial - everything that we create but that needs other senses to know - such as spiritual development, smell, hearing ...


In a nutshell, we understand beauty as the choice of the shape or angle that we look at and feel the things and issues of the world!

Come in, enjoy, comment, share ... We are very grateful for your visit and collaboration!



Ibrantina Guedes Lopes in the article "O CANTO DO ASSUM PRETO: An aesthetic analysis" talks about music Assum Preto and beauty. Worth checking out

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