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A series whereEvery artist talks about himself, his works, his world... he talks about his creation. 

Idealization, production, script, direction and editing: Kithi

Music from the series: Gustavo Caribé

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Episódio 3 - Samuel Cruz

A arte entrou na vida de Samuel Cruz, definitivamente, por conta de um acidente. Ela o escolheu e vice-versa. Um pedaço de papel, a habilidade, a delicadeza e a profundeza dos seus sentimentos de transformação da dor em amor resultou em obras que vibram o mais profundo do seu ser inesgotável de vida. Conheça!



Direção, roteiro, imagens e edição: Kithi

Pós de Audio, cor e finalização: Antonio Gentil Músicas Tema de Abertura Kriaumundo Kithi Gustavo Caribé

Sal da Terra: Tribo do Sol

Ritmo Colombiano: Yamandu Costa

Informação e encomendas: @samuelcruzartepapel

episode 2

Endowed with exceptional sensitivity, Ana Cecília Burle Marx, seeks the beauty of herself in everything around her. She brings all subjects together: painting, music, literature, cooking, sculpture... making art her own spirituality, her balance point and the means of making her own revolution. In her, color is the essence of life, even when she decides for completely white screens in the 90s, she expresses color. Even without conscious intention, Ana preceded the movements of her time and inaugurated styles. Watch.


Episode 1

Sandro, an artist from Bahia, talks about his work as a sculptor, whose path, inspiration and principle is Afro-Brazilian religiosity. 


Made of demolition wood, her pieces are a mixture of strength and delicacy.  


Watch and do your challenge. He molds the wood into the shape you imagine. 


His works are exhibited in his store Sal da Terra, the name that signs his pieces.


For information and orders @saldaterrasalvador 

episode 0

Cartas de ABC   is the spoken portrait of the creator, artist, and viewer who interacts with the work of Marcos Zacariades at the Arte e Memória Gallery located in Igatu, a small village in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.


This episode, made in 2018, is the starting point of the Kriaumundo series, which today has 6 new episodes recorded and already being edited.


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