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Renascença Clube: a quilombo in the city


A friend recommends Rena, a friend recommends Moacyr Luz. Kithi arrives at the Club with the intention of recording Samba do Trabalhador, but meets Márcia Renault and decides to go much further: experience Rena and learn more about the movements that take place around samba. In a relaxed way, this series is made of encounters, hugs, stories, memory, samba and life. You will like. It's tradition. Is music. It's welcoming. It's love.


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the samba

In the first episode, the Divinity "O Samba" is the highlight. Samba is the place where prosperity is born. life. Rena is made of samba and everything that exists around this Divinity. In this episode we focus on the two scheduled sambas of Renascença Clube: Moacyr Luz and Samba do Trabalhador and the Resenha Amigos do Rena, without forgetting to mention others that we managed to see , such as the birthday samba By Café and Grupo Arruda.


Idealization and direction: kithi  //  Research and hostess: Márcia Renault // Script and editing: Kithi_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d1_ //_cc-75cde_ -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Image and audio: Xandão and Kithi  //  Music: Moacyr Luz, Samba do Trabalhador and guests_cc781905-5cde-3b5bad586 //  Resenha Amigos do Rena  //  Birthday Group By Café e Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz_5bb-4de9-3bb-4de9-3bb-4de9-3bb-4de9 136bad5cf58d_ //  Grupo Arruda  //   Escultura de Seu Zé Pelintra : Sandro da Sal da Terra_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  //  Agr Addition: To the whole Rena family (which is now mine too, see?)  Cecília Apolinário, Gereba, Leila Chama, Amanda Leal, Shirley, Jacqueline Marttins, Márcia Renault, Xandão, Paulão, Pacheco, Marcos from the bar, Juan from the sound, Fábio Carvalho, thanks to the security guards, especially Edson. Special thanks to Moacyr Luz, for opening Rena's door for me; and Alexandre Alves, for their availability and trust.  

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