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Carnival in Pelô: second year without Bira Reis

With the objective of parading at the carnival, it was common, during the summer, to see Bira Reis rehearsing in Pelourinho with the group of the Musical Research Workshop (OIM).


Those who saw him in action could feel the "musical" vibration of the Bahian instrumentalist, percussionist and composer, a pioneer in adding harmony, melody and wind instruments to the touch of the samba-reggae drum, transforming axé music into Afro-jazz.

The video below portrays the last carnival that Bira spent with us with Bloco Kizumba, descendant of an Afro-jazz band from the 70's called Ilubatá. For each year, a manifest.


In 2018, the "Tribute to the Queens and Kings of the African Continent" was made together with the EnCompanhia de Interesse Popular, a theater group active in Salvador that includes the artist Luciana Souza, the actor and dancer Carlos Pereira, the actor and capoeira master Mestre Reza Brava, among others.

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