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By Kithi / November 18, 2019

Cidade das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro, is the stage for the meeting of series creators. In all directions are the cameras / camcorders, cell phones, tripods, computers ... besides the panels, the keynotes, the round tables ... a joy invades the hearts, we are all creators, this is the water of fountain of youth that strolls through the biggest international series festival: Rio Webfest.


The history of the festival began with the comedy 'Opposite of Sex', a success that won the world and brought the world of series to Brazil.


After going to many international festivals, the writer, director and editor of the series Leandro Corr ê a, uneasy about not having something similar in Brazil, decided to convince the actor Daniel Archangelo to invest in the purpose. The result: a space where series creators bring together the youthful lightness of the youth, a place where the possibilities of “inventing” history is the narrative that unites everyone in the same community.


Beyond a festival with awards, Rio WebFest is a place of unity. For Leandro, “the guy who had the idea”, the community spirit among the participants is mediated by Daniel, partner and director of the festival.


“Daniel has this magic of being able to see something good when the situation is bad. And he transmits this to the creators ”, says Leandro.

See in the video below how Daniel manages to gather people around the series:


The exchange of knowledge amplifies the possibilities of paths to follow. The approach with the players in the business rounds allows the participating series to gain new windows to be seen, to gain supporters. A differential that generates the energy of the dream, the possibility of realizing and doing "for real". To enter the market.


For Victor Soares, creator of the series The Twins, along with Ingrid Ohara, with more than 1,200,000 views, the festival is the place where “it is possible to meet creators from all over the world. Some who do it in the race, some on a budget, some with great visibility, others did not have that visibility, but it is really cool to see how the web is enabling the creation of content the way you want to do it ”


Watch the interview with creators Flávio Langoni and Lívia Pinavo, from the series N ô mande, nominated for the categories of Best Actor, Best Cast, Best Brazilian Series and Best Production. It is worth checking out the video below, special effects, all done with a lot of creativity and almost no money.


Present in Rio WebFest since 2018, this year Bahia has three representatives:


Winning the award for Best Brazilian Digital Series, “Som do Amor”, created by Thiago Querino, winner of the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, and Gustavo Seabra. Today they will be competing in 8 categories: Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay, Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Cast, Best Photography, Best Costume Design, Best Soundtrack. A story about love, friendship ... and music!

The series Na Rédea Curta was nominated for four categories: Best Comedy Series, Best Actor, Best Direction and Best Brazilian Series. Sulivã Bispo and Thiago Almasy bring Mainha and Junior to life in this web-series that portrays in a humorous way the daily life of a mother and her child on the outskirts of Salvador.

The Culinary of Terreiro series nominated for the category Best Diversity Series. A series with script, direction and editing by Kithi, produced by Afro Chefa Solange Borges and finished by Antonio Gentil. The series speaks of ancestry from the experience, open to the general public, of the act of cooking in the environment of Terreiro de Candomblé Angola and all the roots of this doing with the various knowledge that are indirectly linked, such as: the production of clay pots, planting cassava, planting herbs for bathing ...

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