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Silêncio. As pessoas estão em oração.

Silêncio. Elas oram para as almas angustiadas acessarem a luz Divina.

Silêncio. O Terno das Almas está em ação.

Silêncio. O terno não é um entretenimento, é um lugar de muita força e conexão.

Silêncio. Elas oram pelas almas do mundo.

Beauty re-seen

Terno das Almas - Igatu - Chapada Diamantina - Bahia

Foto e arte Kithi

Conteúdo produzido pela Jornalista: Kithi 

We, at Mzad Eventos, understand that culture is our greatest asset. It is what makes us different from other peoples. It is the center of a place's prosperity and wealth. To imagine a Bahia without samba-de-roda, without capoeira, without the baiana de acarajé, without toré, without Lagoa do Abaeté, without candomblé... is to imagine a Bahia without rhyme, without poetry. An empty Bahia.


It's like all the places we go through, become unique because of the differences.


Assum Preto Magazine is the way we found to re-visit the beauty of people and places and show diversity to the world. It is our commitment to the social: to make visible the ways of life and traditions of the people we meet along the way.

Ilê Aiyê celebrates:
100 years of Agostinho Neto
Mother Hilda Centenary
30 Years of Band'Erê 

Nilo, Nambikuara das Terras Indígenas do Sararé. Povo Nambikuara. Texto de viagem a terras indígenas do Vale do Guaporé..jpg


Part of the book "Research Notebook, Drawings and Photos"

Texts and drawings by Kithi /2002 /// Photos by Pedrinho

Our award-winning series

In 2021  "People's Memories" was among the 6 webseries selected to compete for the award for best documentary / vlog at the  Asia Web Awards 2021.

The Bahian webseries Memórias da Gente and Assum na Estrada were nominated at Rio Webfest 2020, to compete in the categories of Best Documentary Series and Best Lifestyle Series respectively.

The productions are directed by Kithi, who in 2019 brought to Bahia the award for Best Diversity Series with the webseries Culinária de Terreiro.

While Memórias da Gente narrates stories that take place in the context of popular culture, the ways of life and the festivities of the people and gives people the possibility to talk about what enchants their daily lives; Assum na Estrada presents the dialogue between the teenage daughter Sophia Oliveira and her mother Kithi, who tell the travel stories bringing up, directly or indirectly, several subjects: ways of life, flavors, art, the environment, philosophy, games, friends ...

Culinária de Terreiro uma das  série  da Revista Assum Preto que conta histórias de Solange Borgens . Direção de Kithi , uma produção da Revista Assum Preto, contrapartida social da empresa Mzad Eventos
Memorias da Gente é uma série da Revista Assum Preto, contrapartida social da Mzad Eventos,  que conta história de vida e tradições das pessoas que Kithi  encontra durante suas viagens. jpg
000 AWA2021_official selection_laurel copy.png
Assum na Estrada é uma série da Revista Assum Preto, contrapartida social da Mzad Eventos,  onde mãe e filha, Kithi e Sophia Saô, contam histórias de viagens que desfrutam juntas.

“O Samba” is the first episode of the series “Renascença Clube, a quilombo in the city”


A friend recommends Rena, a friend recommends Moacyr Luz. Kithi arrives at the Club with the intention of recording Samba do Trabalhador, but meets Márcia Renault and decides to go much further: experience Rena and learn more about the movements that take place around samba. In a relaxed way, this series is made of encounters, hugs, stories, memory, samba and life.


You will like. It's tradition. Is music. It's welcoming. It's love.

Kriaumundo - websérie -  Sal da Terra - Episódio 1

Kriaumundo - websérie - Sal da Terra - Episódio 1

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Premios que as séries da Revista Assum Preto ganharam pelo mundo.

Our first documentary, where we started to learn - 2014

Terreiro's Culinary Panel presented by Kithi at Rio WebFest 2019.