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This is  the trendy part of  magazine, for all (and all) teenagers  and young people who want tips to enjoy, study, work, have fun and other little things...

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Shorts, bikini and go...

What shorts friend?


Look, the ideal is something comfortable,

jeans  warm up, it's not because it's short that it won't heat up, the best thing is a light fabric shorts like cotton, taking advantage of the fact that they have everything this year.

Ps. It also goes for pants.



safe harbor
Port of Chickens
porto seguro.jpg

Hmm... Beach in...

In this heat no one  deserves to be without water, be it on the beach, in the shower, in the pool, the important thing is to cool off and here are the beaches that I went to and loved, it is worth taking a trip, who knows...

  Port of Chickens

  Crystal clear and shallow water, ideal for the little ones and to enjoy a little this summer


  Clean waters, but at its largest deep stretch, ideal for those who want to spend time relaxing in the water doing numerous walks to see the fauna of this place.

safe harbor

Well, in this case, it's not just one beach, there are several, but in general, they are crystal clear and have incredible walks, perfect for family trips.

old woman's hole

A beach with great diversity, ideal for children and explorers who want to know the fauna of the place in shallow waters.


Port of Galihas
Port of Galihas
Safe harbor


To study the ideal is to teach...

Studies show that teaching gives us 90% of the ability to learn, the ideal is to ask your friend, brother, father, mother, aunt or even talking to yourself to teach the subject by asking questions and elaborating questions...

Imbassai, Bahia

It is the meeting of the river with the sea, calm and shallow water there you will find countless things to do, such as: stand-up paddle, kayak and even fishing, you can also count on several restaurants by the river...

Buracão waterfall, Ibicoara, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

Extremely deep waters (by which I mean: it is better not to take children) approximately 45 meters deep, of course you have the vest to enter, before reaching the waterfall you walk along a beautiful trail. If you like adventure, just go that the vibe is yours...

Pratinha Cave, Chapada Diamantina

Crystal clear water and lots of little fish being there is like being in paradise, shallow and entertaining waters we have an underwater cave, zip line, kayak and pedal boat, wonderful for those who like an adventure even for the family to walk around...

Blue Well

Ah, a wonderful place with crystal blue water, relaxing is ideal, and more in the months of November to January there is a beam of turquoise blue light that makes the color of this well even more beautiful.

People who don't like to take a bath in fresh water for those who don't really enjoy a beach, here are the best rivers and waterfalls (that I've been through) in history...


Top 5 best rivers and waterfalls for bathing.