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​A journalist, a Toyota Bandeirante, the trails and encounters along the way. The webseries Na Trilha da Assum's concept is beauty re-viewed. Beauty found in people's life stories and their tasks. The spontaneity of the speeches is the direction of the content that brings to light, directly or indirectly, several subjects: places, art, crafts, environment, history, philosophy, lifestyles, traditions, parties, family farming, gastronomy... . People who make the culture of the place.

Na Trilha da Assum -  -Terno de Reis Estrela do Divino episode 4

Casa de Arte Calango - episódio 3

On Assum's Trail - On Alisson's Farm - episode 3

Aldeia Grande Mãe -  episódio 4

On the Trail of Assum - São João Retro - episode 1

Na Trilha da Assum - Chameleon of Capoeira and Surf - episode 2

Na Trilha da Assum - reportage made during the filming of chapter 3 to be published: Joás: the Tuareg from Chapada and the GAP and episode 4  - Joás: the first guide to Vale do Pati. Posted on Instagram and Facebook - @revistaassumpreto.

Na Trilha da Assum - report taken during the filming of chapter 5 - Pousada Flor de Açucena: a place of integration with oneself and with the natural environment. Posted on Instagram and Facebook - @kithi.jornalista.

New episodes coming soon

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