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Interlaces: Brazil Angola

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Our international award-winning series



was born as a social counterpart of the company Mzad Eventos and its main objective is to educate people through storytelling. Stories that activate the memory of enchantment, that value doing and that honor the horizontality of knowledge; popular knowledge goes hand in hand with scientific/intellectual knowledge. Thus, we have 4 distinct products: the webseries, which narrate traditions and lifestyles; the reports,which are mostly multimedia, uses links to different productions and the consequent expansion of knowledge; Instagram posts, light and propagating culture and the blog.

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Ilê is more than a carnival block

As its president Antônio Carlos dos Santos, the grandpa of Ilê, says, everything that is done in Ilê is thought out. So much so that a year after its founding, the board created the “theme song”, a way of approaching, also didactically, with the community, what the block will present on the avenue. 
At “Escola Mãe Hilda”, one of the initiatives created by Ilê, in Curuzu, in the Liberdade neighborhood, students obtain a pedagogical notebook containing materials on the theme of that year's carnival.
That is, in addition to entertaining, Ilê Aiyê educates and trains citizens who, year after year, learn a little more about the History of Africa and consequently about their ancestry, stimulating, not only in Bahia, but also in Brazil and in the world, the self-esteem of the black race, its beauty, its intelligence and wisdom.
Saravá, Ilê!

Our proposal for coverage for the carnival

Ilê Ayê, the oldest Afro block in Brazil, brings the theme for the 2023 carnival, the centenary of a hero and a heroine.
The hero is the proclaimer of the Independence of Angola, Agostinho Neto; the heroine is Mãe Hilda, founder of Ilê Aiyê in the city of Salvador, Bahia.
Thus, we propose for this communication network in Angola an interweaving between our cultures, through publications during Carnival Saturday, when Ilê leaves in Curuzu with all the ancestral African religious reverence, and ends the day with the parade in Praça do Campo Grande, Salvador's historical carnival circuit.

For Ilê Ayê we have the following products:

1 multimedia report 

8 posts from Instagram 

1 documentary of up to 19 minutes delivered on March 14th

Live streaming on YouTube of the ritual that kicks off the participation of the Ilê Aiyê block in Carnival. It takes place on Saturday night, 2/18, at Curuzu, on Saturday dia  location of Senzala do Barro Preto headquarters, in Bairro da Liberdade.

Package value without live streaming

R$16,000.00 = US$3,088.80 - including taxes

Live broadcast cost: BRL 4,100.00 = $791.50 US dollars - including taxes.

Method of payment: half upon contracting and half upon delivery of the products.

The negotiation is done through the company Mzad Eventos with Edvaldo Passos, WhatsApp +55 71 9 82384512


The traditions of the Angolan people are present in everyday life in Bahia. Ancestry manifests itself in several ways: whether through Voduns, Nkisis or Orixás, in religions of African origin; or through Mama Muxima, a Catholic saint who has already gained space in Bahia; and also influence on music, arts and gastronomy. These traditions, which have always been present at Bahia's carnival, this year enter the avenue honoring the Hero of Angola, Agostinho Neto, through the Bloco Ilê Aiyê.

This is the second time that the bloc chooses Angola as a theme. In 1984, Queen Njinga was honored.

Assum Preto Magazine, fulfilling its social role, will provide journalistic coverage for the Ilê Aiyê block. Understanding that the Angolan population can see itself in Bahia, we propose this opportunity for Interlaços to accompany this historic moment of Carnival, for this reason we offer this partnership, presented here. 

Our team

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Journalist, videomaker, photographer and visual artist. Editor-in-chief of Assum Preto Magazine and Manager of Mzad Eventos

WhatsApp: +55 71 9 96889291




Edvaldo Passos

  • Amadeu Alves

Commercial and Technical Director at Mzad Eventos. Mathematician specialist in system analysis and electronics technician. 

WhatsApp - +55 71 9 82384512




Ivan Quadros

Born in Bahia, he is a reporter, journalist and content producer for radio and podcast.

WhatsApp: +55 71 9 82317776


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