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By sea and radio waves

Brazil Angola Connection

Anália Santana - Brotherhood of the Black Rosary; and Isabel de Brito, an Angolan who brought the image to Salvador


The "Brazil Angola Connection" began in Bahia, in 2018, with the arrival of Mama Muxima in Salvador to take her place in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, a brotherhood also built by the people of Angola.


The journalistic coverage of the landing of the saint fell to the Assum Preto magazine team.

The coming of Ivan Quadros to Bahia and his partnership with Kithi, is a continuation of what ancestry already induced.



“Conexão Brasil Angola” is an independent communication project

The program includes the multimedia call in editions formatted for radio programming and for podcast (audio and video) in addition to an exclusive page on the website and social networks of Revista Assum Preto.

In addition, the program will also be aired on the YouTube channel of Centro Cultural Casa de Angola in Bahia, a partner in the project.


The restoration of Casa de Angola in Bahia is about to begin and this event only reaffirms the already consistent cultural relationship between Angola and Brazil.

In this sense, it is opportune that this moment and the ones to come are, for the first time in the history of Afro-Brazilian radio journalism, duly followed through a radio program made in the capital of Bahia, Salvador.

We believe that this project, with unprecedented content, contributes to reinforcing cultural exchange by stimulating the audience of Angolans who want to know more about Bahia, Brazil and the daily life of the Angolan communities that live here; as well as learning about the experience of Brazilians who have already lived in Angola.


In turn, the project is also an opportunity for the private sector to link its products and services to life stories that value the culture and ancestry of both countries.

Centro cultaral angolas.jpeg


The project aims to highlight, through information and interviews, the daily lives of Angolan people living in Bahia and elsewhere in the country in their most diverse activities, of Brazilians who lived in Angola, as well as those whose way of life is linked to the Angolan culture.

The proposal seeks to further strengthen the ties between the two peoples by presenting Bahia and Brazil to the Angolan and vice versa so that they recognize themselves as forming part of the local culture, influenced by their ancestors.  

This foresees the approach of themes that talk about art, dance, religion, cuisine and other influences of the Angolan people in Brazilian lands, with all content permeated by music.

Another purpose is to reinvigorate interest between the two peoples, keeping both places informed about events in the Angolan community in Bahia and Brazil, through informative notes.

In addition, seek to encourage Angolans to come and discover Brazil   and personally see the contribution of Angolans to the formation of the Brazilian people and vice versa.


Four talk shows per month aired every Monday at 8 pm (suggested). The program will have specific versions for each platform.

In the version intended for radio programming, the format will have 10 minutes.

In the podcast version (YouTube and audio platforms), the format will have up to 30 minutes, and the same for the program's page on the broadcaster's blog. Totaling 24 final products.




Deputy Cultural Attaché of Angola in Brazil and director of Casa de Angola in Bahia. / © Photography by: Artist's creations exhibited at Camões / Jornal de Angola - 2017

Benjamin Sabby


It's magnificent, I saw it and I liked the idea. Casa de Angola is open to collaborating for this because this program also fulfills a mission, which Casa de Angola will fulfill a mission,  that Casa de Angola does:_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ is to connect the two points, there is an ocean in the middle, but it is to connect the two points and do it through the experiences of Angolans in Bahia and the experience of Brazilians or who lived in Angola or who work with activities that are a result of this Angola here. People who work with capoeira, people who are of an African matrix religion, more specifically Candomblé Angola. That need to be known there in Angola. To see that in the background, there is the ocean, a whole story, but there is a lot of Angolan presence here in Bahia and in Brazil in general.


Businessman, journalist, singer and composer, Raimundo Lima has lived for over 20 years between Bahia and Africa, where he served as President of Grupo Aldeia and of the General Assembly of the Association of Brazilian Businessmen in Angola.

Raimundo Lima

“This beautiful Bahia Angola Connection project deserves full support, as it will contribute significantly to intensify relations between Angolans and Brazilians, a friendship that dates back to the emergence of this important African country, when, the day after the declaration of autonomy made by Agostinho Neto in 1975, Brazil was the first country to recognize Angola's independence. The project is an altruistic initiative that intends to contribute even more to strengthening the bonds of these two sister nations, through diversified multimedia instruments, sea waves and radio. 
Etu mu dietu! (We are together!)"


The minimum time to carry out the project is 6 months.

Our team



Born in Bahia, he is a reporter, journalist and content producer for radio and podcast.

kithi com o redentor.jpg


Journalist, videomaker, photographer and visual artist. Editor-in-chief of Assum Preto Magazine and Manager of Mzad Eventos



  • Amadeu Alves

Soteropolitan from Itapuã, he is a singer, composer, instrumentalist and cultural manager who leads actions in the Bahian music scene.

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